Best Cordless Weed Eaters 2020 Reviews, Buying Guide & Comparison

best cordless weed eaters 2019

Best Cordless Weed Eaters 2020 Reviews, Buying Guide & Comparison

A quick search online will show you one thing- that a lot of people are looking for cordless string trimmers. The belief is that these garden tools are compact, lightweight, and affordable and can be used by anyone. But, they are only looking these advantages and nothing else. For example, the size of the yard you have will determine whether an electric, cordless string trimmer is good option or not. That being said, the cordless trimmer variant is best for a small yard. They can however do much more than the battery or gas powered weed whackers.  The best part is that things don’t have to get messy, where you need to mix the right quantities of oil and gas. Or deal with heavy motors, with your arms hurting from all that vibrating.

When buying the right weed whacker for your home, view everything from a broader aspect. Like, it must be easy to use but should reach tough areas like around fences, buildings and other places where the lawn mower can’t reach.  Then, corded trimmers give your continuous power but may not reach the other end of the yard. Cordless trimmers can reach any area but you do need to wait a long time for the batteries to charge, especially if you have a bigger yard.

One factorthat users never seem to get right it the power output to usage ratio. That’s where they cant decide whether motor will be strong enough to cut weeds in their yard. So they often end up buying a weaker powered one breaks when used for normal, minimal trimming. That’s what this review is for – assessing popular trimmer brands taking into consideration features, downsides, what the manufacturer promises and what the users think.

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Top 10 Cordless Weed Eaters 2020 Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

WG184 40V (2.0Ah) 13" Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger from Worx

Consumers who have bought and used this trimmer say that they’ve really got no big complaints with it. The trimmer is a wonderful piece of gardening equipment to own. It comes with all the essential features too, like good durable batteries, auto feed lines, converts from a trimmer to and edger in seconds. So trimming the lawn is short work. The engine cranks up easily and since it’s cordless your don’t have to worry about dragging, rolling up those cords, or checking if it’s long enough to reach the plug point.The battery has an indicator too, so you’ll know when its needs recharging. 

Next, its really light too and a good option for those looking to switch from gas trimmer, around 8.6 pounds. So it won’t wear out your back, shoulders and the batteries can be easily detached and recharged when required. The biggest plus point are wheels next to the cutting head which that reduces wear and tear that’s expected from usage.Speaking of usage, the trimmer covers a span of 13” and is capable of 7500 rotations per minute.

  • Dual 20V batteries for 40V maximum power.
  • trimming to inline wheeled edging convertible.
  • Command feed Spool system feeds you a line Instantly.
  • 1/2 Acre site coverage.
  • Gas-like variable speed control for added run time.
  • Runs out of battery power quickly.
  • need to purchase additional batteries.
  • battery packs overheat under extensive outdoors use.
  • safety lock on speed control trigger needs to be heldconstantly against spring.

LST300 Weed Whacker from BLACK+DECKER

This electric trimmer should fix all of your weed whacking woes. It’s also about three times lighter than the engine trimmers and the handle can be adjusted to your preferences and height as well. Like most trimmers, the LST300 can be turned to a 90 degree angles for those tricky edges. The battery last for just an hour, but does recharge quickly, so no problem there either – and you get an extra battery pack too.

Easy to assemble and is ready to use right out of the box, the weed whacker can manage tough weeds but isn’t meant for heavy duty use.

  • 20-volt Lithium Ion battery.
  • PowerDrive Transmission.
  • Automatic Feed Spool with Line diameter: 0.065 inches.
  • 2-in-1 trim or edge.
  • Lightweight design.
  • adjustable handle.
  • Runtime Extension Technology.
  • Cheap plastic build.
  • loud clunky noises.
  • No guard at the wheel for user protection.

WG154 20-volt Li-Ion Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger from Worx

The WG154 is meant to be lightweight, cordless and compact for use with smaller yards. It easily turns from trimmer to edger in seconds using the no tool, one touch trimmer to switch between functions. And since it’s operated with a 20V battery, you have longer run times and you can enjoy comfortably thanks to the fixed front handle.Even the cutting width is adjustable too, from 10 inch to 12 inch depending on how big your yard is or how fast you want the work done. Flowers and other ornamental landscaping is protected with folding spacer.

  • Convert trimmer easily to an edger.
  • Convert the cutting path for a wider cut.
  • Fixed ergonomic front handle.
  • Charging time:5 hours
  • 100% automatic single line feed
  • Rotating head for easy edger conversion.
  • Trimmer is low powered.
  • battery doesn’t last

DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer from DEWALT

The power, when set on high can deliver on good cutting performance. This is reduced greatly when it’s been set on the lower setting. This lower setting is good for trimming against things without leaving any mark ups. It’s extremely comfortable for use and even people with a height of 6’ can use it, without needing to hunch over. The string feeds in very well and easy to refill.

If you’re going to trim larger, heavier areas of weeds or grass regularly or if trimming jobs take longer then 30 minutes then we’d suggest another trimmer. This is capable of handling a big cutting job occasionally, but withstand it or hold up in the long run.

  • Brushless Motor maximizing motor.
  • Dual 0.080" line with bump feed.
  • with 13-inch cutting swath.
  • Variable trigger with speed control.
  • Patented gear drive design.
  • 20V MAX 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery, along with charger.
  • Warranty doesn’t cover the motor that wears out easily.
  • usually within a year.
  • small cutting path.
  • balance is slightly off due to the heavy motor.

WG163 GT 3.0 20V Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger from Worx

The WG163 GT 3.0 is supposed to give you the lawn you want but with half the effort.The trimmer has been designed to deliver this starting with the movable handles. This allows for better control under objects like swing sets, landscaping to trim weeds without damagingsurfaces.

And you can get that same professional grade trimming doneall over the yard, including driveways, sidewalks with the easy edger system.The patented Command Feed line system ensures that trimming is done interrupted. You even get two batteries, so you can use one while the other charges!

  • 2-in-1 function with dual-position wheels.
  • Converts from a trimmer to an in-line edger.
  • No-Load Speed : 7600/min.
  • 220V cordless Max lithium power batteries.
  • 12-inch cutting diameter.
  • Innovative Command Feed spool system.
  • 10 feet cutting line.
  • Quick-release lever for height adjustments.
  • 90-degree tilting shaft.
  • Dual-function flower spacer.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • ergonomic design, Line diameter: 0.065 inch.
  • Underpowered in certain use cases.
  • line breaks off easily when edging and part come off duringprolonged use.

MTE912 12-Inch Electric 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower from BLACK+DECKER

You already know what the electric trimmer-edger models can do. Black & Decker have taken this up a notch by adding a removable mower deck.  This is an extra setting that lets you use the MTE912 as a mower for those tougher spots. Then, press a lever placed behind this deck and you’re back with a trimmer. This mower base can be bought separately.

  • AFS automatic feed system.
  • Gear Drive transmission prevents bogging down.
  • Easy conversion wheeled edging.
  • Ideal Property Size: 750 ft².
  • 6.5-Amp motor.
  • extension power cord port.
  • Cutting Heights - 1.6 - 2.4 inches.
  • Battery not strong enough for 130 square foot yard.
  • no extra battery so you’ll need to buy one for bigger yards.
  • narrow cutting width.
  • no extension cord.

CM2043C Cordless Mower fromBLACK+DECKER

The CM2043C mower comes with 40V batteries to give you twice the run on a single charge. The cutting height can be increased or decreased using just a lever and all weed, grass clippings can be mulched, bagged or discharged. There’s a battery pack storage box too, so when you’re out of power you simply switch the battery pack and go. You can go right up to the edges, spending as little time trimming here thanks to the patented Edge Max design.

  • 2 40V max Lithium ion batteries.
  • charger included.
  • 3-in-1 mulching.
  • bagging and side.
  • Edgemax design.
  • adjustable cutting height of 1-1/2 inches to 4 inches.
  • 1/4 acre lawns.
  • 3 year limited warranty.
  • Long charging time.
  • shuts off when it crosses bigger grass blades.
  • won’t work on wet grass.
  • tough manoeuvrability where you need to lift the mower to turn it 180 degrees.

MJ401E Mow Joe Electric Lawn Mower With Grass Bag from Sun Joe

You can choose between the Original or the Pro Version. This Original Version is smaller, more compact and is easy to maneuver. The mower is designed to the be answer to electric mowers for smaller lawns that are easy to use and is great for all those tricky areas. It start up with a button and won’t require, oil, gas so it’s also good for the environment too.The rear wheel is 5.5 inches and can handle all terrain and the durable steel blade cuts a 14 inch path. This cutting can be adjusted to three heights ranging from 1.18 inches to 2.52 inches.  The mower has been fitted with a 10.6 gallon bag that collects all grass clippings.When done mowing, detach the bag to empty our the clippings, collapse the handle to store away the mower easily.

  • 12 amp.
  • electric motor.
  • 100 feetextension cord length.
  • Easy push button start.
  • rpm is 3500.
  • Three-position height adjustment.
  • Detachable grass catcher.
  • detachable Hard-top grass catcher.
  • Tough assembly.
  • where parts come off is not placed right.
  • stops when it reaches grass longer than 6".
  • overheats after some time.

Electric Weed Wacker Trimmer Edger from Serene Edge

This is a non- battery operated, electric strong trimmer that is meant to making landscaping easier and hassle free. It is supposed to cover trimming, pruning of weeds, bushes and grass and since it’s easy to use, it’s a great additional to your gardening tools collection. A high powered 11, 000 RPM motor gives you the efficiency and high performance for better trimming.  Everything is plug in operation with 2.3 amp power output and a 10 Inch power cord that’s included. It covers a 8. 7 inches cutting length and you’re protected by a cutting guard. This 21” weed eater makes trimming of the backyard, lawn, garden and walkway more comfortable owing to the ergonomic handle.

  • Garden trimming tool.
  • trimming guard
  • 8.7 inch cutting length
  • plug in operation
  • 8.7 inch cutting length
  • comfortable handle.
  • Replaceable spool isn’t readily available.
  • only cord no batteries.

LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger fromBLACK+DECKER

The LSTE525 is for finishing touches after you’re done mowing. It can even be used for edging along flower beds, borders, fences and sidewalks. Make use of the Power Drive Transmission to for more torque at the string head. You can switch between the extended run time and higher power using the 2 speed control for the RPM – 5,500/7,200 motor.TheEASYFEED feature advances the line using only a button.  There’s additional comfort when using the tool too that includes a premium micro texture soft grip and adjustable height so there is no need to hunch over when using the trimmer.

  • 2 1.5 AH batteries.
  • Power Drive Transmission.
  • 2-speed control.
  • line diameter :0.065 inches.
  • cutting Swath 12 inches.
  • EASYFEED line system.
  • Under powered
  • weak battery
  • Works on 12 inch weeds for fifteen minutes, after that the 20V battery slows down and eventually stops after 30 minutes.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Cordless Weed Eaters

Trimmers and weed eaters come, in the corded, cordless, battery and gas variant. But due to several plus points, the cordless and battery powered ones have become morepopularlyrecently. Cordless trimmers are great because it means that you won’t have to a cord to drag, trip or fall over when doing the lawn. Then, on the other hand, people say that the cord never seems to be long enough, or that electrical outlets are never in the right places. Next, some trimmers have to be plugged in through the living room or window or garages that needs to be left open. This is problem because people can see in or might even want to steal your things.

What’s the best part of using a cordless string trimmer?
Fixed cords aren’t there to limit the distance you can cover.
No worries about cords getting caught in trees, cars, bikes, bushes.
No hassles of moving the cord, walking around vehicles.
Production of little to no noise.
No toxic fumes being produced.
Little to no maintenance other than rechargeable battery packs.

When you look at this way, these trimmers are the economical gardening tools. There are a few downsides to using one though.
Batteries do have to be charged and ready for each use.
You do need to have an extra one ready.
Battery operation time might not be sufficient. Usually lasing for 30 to 60 minutes.
Batteries are expensive, especially the lithium-ion batteries that only work with cordless.
Usually suited for smaller spaces.
Heavier than electric trimmers, due to the battery pack.

Types of Cordless Weed Eaters

Cordless trimmers differ according to design and features. The one big concern is the battery, motor, cutting swath and chargers, straight or curved shaft.

Now, a curved shaft is one that’s bent halfway starting from the handle down to the spinning trimmer head. This is better for shorter people. A straight shaft is longer and better suited for taller people because you wont have to bend, kneel to keep the trimmer on the ground. Then there’s the matter of overall weight, buttons, string advancement etc. To get a better idea of each factor, its better that you test out several models at your local home department stores.

What’s the Need for Cordless Weed Eaters:

To begin with, spring is around the corner which means that you should lots of flowers, sunshine. It also brings in weeds and really tall grass too. What’s the simplest way to prevent the lawn from being overrun by them? Battery powered, cordless string trimmers. Earlier cordless were outshined by the gas, electric trimmer.

But with the kind of technology you have today, rechargeable batteries, they’re pretty impressive and save loads on the electric bill. Owning one also gives you the mobility, convenience of a gas trimmer but with the eco friendly, energy savings benefits of an electric one. Why go battery operated? Older models are gasoline powered and may have one lying in your garage, gathering dust. They’re noisy, bad for environment, emit fumes, cost gas money and are heavy.

Electric, battery operated and cordless is the way to go. The energy cost is much lower and it’s cleaner too. On the other hand, you might need an extension cord if the model you have has a cord outlet. And batteries, always carry a spare otherwise the yard will never be done!

Who Should Buy Cordless weed eaters?

A cordless trimmer had the plus points of an electric device – zero emissions, push buttons, no engine maintenance, silent operation – with the convenience and ease of gas trimmers.  Gardening experts feel that these trimmers work best for trimming and edging small lawns. This is because the battery lasts you anywhere between 15 to 60 minutes. You won’t go far, if you use this for tackling overgrown yards or bigger acres – nothing more than a medium task.

Final verdict

Go for this only if you own a small lawn, gardens or need to finish minor trimming after mowing. If you want lighter, cleaner and greener trimming, then this is also the right choice for you. If you want an affordable, compact gardening tool just for lawn, then consider this option. Keep an eye out for trimmers that are part of a series as the batteries on these tools can be interchanged with other tools too.

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