Hedge trimmer vs. Chainsaw Detailed Comparison

Hedge trimmer vs. Chainsaw Detailed Comparison

Hedge Trimmer is one of the most talked about product in garden modifying equipments. This trimmer is having various specifications and using advantages that made this one of the most useful equipments.

It’s a garden used for modifying gardens and this machine is used for various works like- cutting or trimming and pruning hedges and solitary shrubs of bushes. There are different types of hedge trimmers in the market made by different quality and facilities of materials. Those products are made by high quality raw-material. Hedge trimmers come in three types of it. They are as follows-

Types of Hedge Trimmers:

  • Electric Hedge Trimmers.
  • Battery Hedge Trimmers.
  • Gas Hedge Trimmers.

Hedge Trimmer vs Chainsaw: Specifications & Comparison

Electric Hedge Trimmer Specifications

  • Motor Capacity: 700 W
  • Blade Length: 600 mm
  • Blade Spacing: 34 mm
  • Slip Clutch Torque: 80 NM
  • No-load stroke rate: 3,000 SPM
  • Weight: 3.0-4.3 kg
  • Strokes/min: 1,600spm
  • Continuous rating input: 400W
  • Power supply cord: 0.3m
  • Carbon Brush: 419
  • Switch: Two handed safety switching
  • Noise Gas trimmer> Electric trimmer>Battery trimmer.

Electric Hedge trimmer is made by strong raw materials as the others are too. It is more dominant to cut hard brambles similarly than battery fence trimmer. Electric fence trimmer is essentially a solid, simple to-utilize, one and two gave support trimmer. Electric fence trimmer’s incredible 700 watts, engine and 60 cm double activity, littler supports and little tree limbs. The solidified forefronts are exceedingly flexible and remain Sharpe for a more drawn out timeframe, link strain alleviation zoom link strain help the strain relief keeps the power link from winding up coincidentally detached.

Battery Hedge Trimmer Specifications

  • Battery Type: Li-lon (18v/1.3Ah)
  • Blade Length: 510mm
  • Teeth Distance: 15mm
  • Weight: 3.96 kg
  • Cutting Length: 510mm
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Cutting Rate: 2200 rpm
  • Blade type: Diamond cut
  • Charging Time 2 hrs to charge
  • Noise Gas trimmer> Electric trimmer>Battery trimmer

Accurate to enjoy freedom of movement while pruning your support with this wireless trimmer is agreeable and ergonomic to deal with gratitude to the delicate grasp handles, which guarantee a base burden on arms and shoulders. The wireless hedge trimmer has a ground-breaking 20v – 2.0ah li-particle battery with a charging time of only an hour. This support trimmer has a saw sharp edge length of 58 cm and is reasonable for pruning medium measured fences. Because of the straightforward defensive spread, you can keep a decent perspective on your work and you are ensured against flying shreds. Perfect to the battery of this trimmer is that it fits on the numerous garden apparatuses the adaptable patio nursery scope that ensures happy with cultivating. In the wake of pruning, likewise adjust the battery properly. Also this wireless batter hedge trimmer accompanies a li-particle battery, coordinating brisk charger and a defensive spread for the saw sharp edge.

Gas Hedge Trimmer Specifications

  • Engine: 1E32F
  • Displacement: 22.5cc
  • Carburetor: Diaphragm
  • Engine Power: 0.6kw/6500r/min
  • Fuel oil: 25:1
  • Capacity of oil tank: 0.6L
  • Package: 1070*240*240*mm
  • Scissors type Double-sided dual back and forth
  • N.W/G.W 6.0/6.7 kgs
  • Blade Length: 24inch
  • Strokes: 36-40strokes /min
  • Noise Gas trimmer> Electric trimmer>Battery trimmer

There are lots of features and benefits of gas running hedge trimmer. As there is an obvious power of fuel on that product’s performance. Specifically talking about benefit key words, they are- it is powerful as it run by fuel (gas), cuts faster and cuts hard bushes too and easily, easily portable for quality raw material made body and interior, also can be used in damp weather without any problems and risks. Some other Considerations are: Require gas and oil mixture, tend to be heavier, require larger up-front investment, especially ideal for large lawns and demanding commercial applications too.

Chainsaw Specifications & Other Important Details

Chain saw is basically used for harder material cutting equipment. It is one of the oldest motor contained cutting machines which made itself far developments of its working ability, portability and power too. Some basic specifications and features are as follows

  • Electronic Ignition gives simpler beginning and smoother running.
  • Replaceable "In Tank" Fuel and Oil Filters lower cost and are anything but difficult to keep up.
  • Inboard Chain Brake requires less support and makes saw anchor sprocket simpler to expel.
  • Programmed Bar and Chain Oiler gives administrator a chance to focus on cutting, not on bar grease.
  • Chain Catcher diminishes the danger of administrator contact by a chain on the off chance that it should break or crash.
  • Throttle Trigger Lockout must be discouraged before the trigger can be enacted.
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