How to Make a Rain Barrel (Easy & Effective Method)

How to Make a Rain Barrel

How to Make a Rain Barrel (Easy & Effective Method)

How to Make a Rain Barrel: In the present age of global warming water is something to definitely hold onto. There are many places across the globe Where water is so scares that they don’t get enough to drink even. At this age smart is someone who learns how to reuse and recycle. That person is the only one who is actually contributing to the ecosystem.

Rainwater harvesting is the new trend these days. Not only in industrial scale but it can also be done in the household level. Yes, you can use rainwater at your home to reuse it and recycle it, by making a rain barrel. It collects rainwater in a huge barrel and usually is used to harvest the lawn and give your garden a healthy Vibe and also spread some greenery.

Setting up a rain barrel is extremely economic and also can be done using basic items from any hardware shops. Making of rain barrel not only gives you or solid cut down on your water bill but also is a long term investment when you see it in terms of sustainable development.

Simple Proven Steps to Make a Rain Barrel With Ease

No it is not any rocket science, setting up a rain barrel is easier than you think of it can be. You just need to keep your essentials and gather your tools and few things and get started and it gets finished in no time.

Here are the following steps to do when setting up a rain barrel. If you can follow these simple steps then you won’t be asking “how to make a rain barrel” ever again in your lifespan. Let’s get started!

1. Selecting the right type of barrel

Choose your barrel and set it up according to your preferences. Barrels can be of any type like rubber wood plastic or even metal.

Before choosing your material type makes sure that it is sealed and is able to hold the water without any leakage rusting decoying or mixing any Chemicals to the water. Looking for barrels which are used for storing food can be fruitful.

2. Keep your materials in handy

There are a few things you need to collect before you start building up your own rain barrel. Making sure you do collect all the stuff before you get started to assure half of the work already done. Here are a few things you need before you start building your rain barrel.

  • A sturdy barrel to hold the water without any leakage.
  • A drill to poke holes in the barrel.
  • A spigot for water drainage
  • A hose clip
  • A fabric a mosquito net
  • Watertight sealant
  • Two metal washers
  • Two rubber washers

3. Start with poking holes

Now comes the building part. The first thing you need to do start with poking holes towards the bottom of the barrel. Drilling such holes will help us enable to install the spigot. The drilling should be near the downside of the barrel. That whole will allow the water to drain out that is captured in the barrel. The hole should be smaller than or equal to the size of the spigot. The whole should not be too low so as space underneath does not get filled up with water.

You can also poke holes and install another spigot on the upper side of the barrel. This would allow you to manage the water flow when it’s overflowing.

4. Put the spigots in its place

This step is very simple. You are the first thing you need to do if you need to put the metal washer in the threaded and of the spigot and then put a fitting rubber washer over the thread to prevent leakage. Now you need to insert the Spigot to its place accordingly. These additional steps would help you prevent the leakage and the tap to firmly sit on its place.

5. Waterproof it

After inserting the tap it’s always good to seal it up or to waterproof it. This way the water won’t be dripping and no drop would go to waste. For this step, you need to apply the waterproof sealant over the rubber washer and insert the spigot into the hole and wait for it to dry. After that you can feel it up using a hose clamp by doing this it would make sure that the spigot won’t come to lose from the barrel.

6. Cut the waterway on your barrel

After doing all the above steps you need to carefully cut out a lid from the rain barrel which would allow the rainwater to slurp into the barrel. The whole should be big enough so as to accommodate and can form rest under the downspout from the top of the house.

7. Seal the lid

The next step that could be done is sealing the top part. The step is mandatory so as to prevent the mosquitoes or any sort of pests from reproducing in the barrel water. It should be done by the mosquito net for the fabric by covering it on its top and sealing it.

8. Placing your rain barrel

Now that all the construction work is done the only thing left is to position the barrel according to a place where it can provide the right amount of water to your garden and can easily collect the rainwater from the rain.

Final Few Words

This above construction is both useful and budget-friendly. Such a small step can also help in helping in a better sustainable development by helping the ecosystem and recycling the natural water. This also reduces the manpower which you need to give if you would have had to what are your plans by yourself. I would suggest you follow the above construction and make yourself a perfectly working rain barrel.

Another pro-tip would be while making a rain barrel you can connect the spigot from the top part to another barrel using a PVC pipe. This way your rainwater would get distributed automatically without much hustle. Also increase your storing space.

If you have understood how to make a rain barrel, then we will request you to share this article with other needy people to increase the awareness of this topic. Thank you!

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