How to Sharpen Electric Hedge Trimmer – Simple Guide

How to Sharpen Electric Hedge Trimmer – Simple Guide

As electrical hedge trimmer eases of the bulk in your arms and saving your time by doing it automatically rather than manual trimmers, still they have their course of life from being brand new to becoming dull and lifeless. As the electric hedge trimmer gets worn out by regular use of it the result shows up in their results. The path leads from making a clean sharp cut to the final product of being mashed and bruised which is not appealing at all. The Blades of electric hedge trimmer has a tendency to get dull after every use. But it is pointless to buy new electric hedge trimmer or getting the blades professionally sharp and every time. Ideally waiting for the electric Hedge trimmer’s blood showing completely worn out signs isn’t in the perfect decision. To maintain the cutting performance The Blade should be sharpened roughly every 50 hours of operation.

Before you start sharpening in your electric hedge trimmer you need to keep in mind these following steps so as not to harm your electric hedge trimmer while sharpening it. While cutting any tree or cutting their branches, sap and resin gather on the Blades of the electric hedge trimmer. Make sure to clean any dirt Residue on the surface of the hedge trimmer’s blades. If you skip cleaning the previous step you may damage the stone and the file. After every use, light cleaning is essential so as to maintain the sharpness of the blade. And also keep in consideration to only sharpen the cutting edge. Ensuring that the file shouldn’t come in contact with the integrated cutting protections is essential to maintain the quality of the Blades of The Hedge trimmer.

How to sharpen Hedge Trimmer - Step by step

These are the few steps to follow why is cleaning and sharpening your electric hedge trimmer-

Step-1- This reparation step. Start with unplugging the electric hedge trimmer. Placing it on a table top will give you extra support doing it on somewhere else. Make sure the blades are facing you and all the above work should be done in a flat surface. Now comes the second step.

Step-2- Take the help of a pair of pliers or vice grip for removing the blades from the electric hedge trimmer. Next, you grasp the Bolt or screw holding the two blades and place. Counterclockwise turn the Bolt or the screw and remove it. Removing the screw will release the two blades of the electric hedge trimmer.

Step-3- After placing the blade on the bench make sure to clamp it so that the blade does not slip.

Step-4- By using sliding motion, follow the metal filler down the length of the blade of the electric hedge trimmer. It’s ideal to start the motion from the bottom or inside part of the blade and eventually run file until it reaches to the tip of the blade. Ideally sharpening should be done at 38-degree angle. The motion on that angle should be done multiple times so as to ensure the sharpening. Make sure not to do such motion flat edges of the blade.

Step-5- Repeating the above step make sure to clean the other blade also.

Step-6- After you complete your sharpening process how would you understand the Blades of the electric hedge trimmer is sharp enough or not? Here you can test the sharpness of the blade by holding a paper above the blade and testing by bringing it down across the blade while working it with a lot of force. If the sharpening is done perfectly then the paper would cut off easily by the blade but if the paper does not cut easily you need to repeat them again and again as long as the blade is sharp enough to cut the paper easily.

Step-7- After making the show the blades are sharp enough apply a thin layer linseed oil over both the sides of the blade before bolting it back together again. This process will help them avoid rusting.

Step-8- Now the final step is by using the pliers or a vice grip, place the screw or bolt back into its place and tighten the blade securely in place.

Also, make sure to wear gloves before performing any of this task and make sure you can handle the electric hedge trimmer before indulging yourself in any of such works.

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