Trivac WORX wg509 Leaf Blower Review & Buying Guide

Worx WG509 Review

Trivac WORX wg509 Leaf Blower Review & Buying Guide

WORX WG509 all-in-one designed leaf blower, mulching, and vacuum.

Workings:-Works especially as garden and yard cleaner as well. It’s a time saver product, Cleans as well as blows leaf or any other cleanable objects with its blower, mulching, and vacuum facilities. It’s not a cordless leaf blower but it performs an impressive job of a leaf blower, mulching and a vacuum 3 on 1 lightweight handheld the machine.

Trivac WORX wg509
Trivac WORX wg509 Review & Advanced Guide

Worx WG509 Product Specifications

Price: 105.29 (USD)
Voltage: 120V~60HZ
Power Input: 12 AMPS
Air Speed: 80pmh-210mph
Air Volume: 350 Cubic feet /minute
Collector Bag Capacity: 1.2 BUSHELS
Machine Weight: 9.3 LBS / 4.3KG approx.
Warranty: 3 Years
Mulch Ratio: 18:1
Cable Size: 100 Feet

Worx WG509 Leaf Blower Buying Guide


  • Well built hard plastic material, designed to use comfortably parallel to the ground without any extra effort.
  • Rubber grip.
  • Big but also comfortable enough size to carry Leaf mulching collector bag with adjustable


  • It’s an electronic machine, doesn’t run by battery. There is a cord attached with it to connect it directly with the electricity.


  • Easy switching lever for switching between blower and vacuum. Speed controlling regulator, release button for opening the motor portion and blowing portion.


  • Motor fan with easy to clean design.
  • Easily reachable, and the body can get opened up safely to wash for maintenance inside.


  • The product is having a 3 years long warranty period, which is good enough according to the product quality.
  • This helps to skip any related investment to the products after years for any issue.


  • Spending money on it worth it because of the quality service of the product according to the working need and fulfillment and also isn’t very costly but affordable and pocket-friendly too.
  • Cheaper products are obviously available but this one is best among others under budget for having better specifications and quality service as well.


  • The power of the vacuum is good enough but working on the design of the vacuum is needed for better performance. Collector bag's size is good enough and having a caring strip with size adjustable facilities. Extension cord retainer is useful to remain connected without any loose connectivity during the work. The product body is made of solid plastic and the rubber holding grip helps to work with more comfort and properly without any extra effort.


  • The machine is having easy using the lever for switching the process between vacuum and blower, and also having regulator adjustors to control the power of blower wind or vacuum. The electricity that it consumes is very less and affordable and there is no sign of breakdown during the work as he walks nonchalantly.


  • The noise level of this is in a very suitable comfort level.
  • Obviously, it’s less than other gas used motors, as it runs by electricity.


  • The inbox accessories with the main product are debris collection bag and 10 feet cable with extension cord retainer.
  • The bag is of a perfect size which is big enough but also comfortable to carry while working outdoors, as it’s also having size adjustable holding strips to skip any uncomforting experience.
  • The extension cord retainer helps the cord to stay connected with the machine without any loose contact due to any stretch during the work.


  • For its mulching facility, this not only vacuums the leaves but also mulches then which results as less space consuming in the collector bag and less need and possibility of clearing and changing the collector bag again and again.
  • This helps to skip any related investment to the products after years for any issue.

Trivac Worx WG509 Editor's Review

WROX WG509 is having some good specifications which can make spending on buying it worth it, and also some disadvantages are there which obviously needed to be known about before purchasing it. The overall review rating the product is having is 4.3 stars out of 5.  Some advantages and considerations are followings.

Worx WG509 Positive Factors

It’s a good enough product for here and as a multi-use of blower and vacuum in one machine. It’s a time saver product with faster work capability. Being specific the lower is more powerful than the vacuum; because the vacuum is good but not good enough for bigger yard’s cleaning, because that will take more time to clean. Suitable for yard cleaning and garden cleaning works. Body design makes it more comfortable to hold it towards the ground level which makes the effortless and allows the user to use it for a longer time without any panic or extra effort given. Attaching equipment and body parts are so easy to remove for easily accessible clip systems installed in it, which will help any user to use it without facing any problems. 

Because of the good air pressure which is minimum 80mph to maximum 120mph, that helps to take an effect on or to work on even wet leaves too, this allows the user to use the device in any season without any sufferings. Hard plastic body makes the product more stable and strong and shapes with the rubber grip on it helps the user to get a good grip on it. The light weight of the product allows the user to use it single-handedly. And its electric motor makes less noise which makes it not only comfortable for the user only but also friendly for sensitive natures too. And the important part is that it also consumes very less electric power to run this.

Worx WG509 Negative Factors

The product pack contains a cord to connect with the electricity which is of 100 feet, which is a good size but not good enough for yard usage. It’s less according to the yard using need. Another negative factor is that this leaf blower is not suitable for prolonged usages, and its weight can be heavy to use for the user. The motor of Worx WG509 is powerful but not as powerful as gas powered ones. Yards used to have a huge quantity of leaves, so for that, the bag size and vacuum power are less effective. The last but not the least is that its mulching facility won’t affect stuff like twigs and stems.

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